Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Gris 750ml – 1 Bottle


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Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Gris 750ml is a wine that originates from the Adelaide Hills region in Australia. The history of this particular wine dates back to the early 1990s when the first vines were planted. The climate and soil in this region are ideal for growing Pinot Gris grapes, which is why this varietal has become so popular in recent years. When it comes to tasting notes, Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Gris is a dry wine with subtle hints of citrus and stone fruit. It has a medium body and a crisp, refreshing finish. This makes it the perfect choice for enjoying on its own or pairing with lighter dishes such as salads or seafood. In terms of alcohol content, Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Gris clocks in at 12.0% ABV. So if you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing wine to enjoy this summer, be sure to give Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Gris a try! Order a bottle online at Hello Drinks today!


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