Absinthe Green Fairy 500ml

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Absinth containing thujone (from wormwood) is the first legally available since the ban on absinth was lifted in Australia. Produced and bottled in the Czech Republic where they have been making it continually since the 1800s. This is the absinth by which all other absinth is judged. Size: 500ml Alcohol: 60% Origin: Czech Republic The story of Czech Absinth is one that is clouded in the history of the Dark Ages and carries with it all the mysticism of true magic. Made by Green Tree Distillery, one of Europe’s oldest, these products have been carved out of ancient culture using local woodland ingredients including one of the oldest and most respected, Wormwood – a prolific herb used in early medicine and witchcraft potions. This absinth is a superb base spirit for a variety of cocktails – it combines wonderfully in a simple mix with tonic and is refreshing when served with cloudy apple juice and lemonade. Hellodrinks are proud to deliver Absinth to your door across Australia.


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